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Thread: Temporary power question

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    Temporary power question

    I'm going to start building my carpc soon, but think it better to build it in the house and just install it once it's all set up and running and everything. I am going to be using an Opus (definitely) and a Xenarc (most likely), and will power the Xenarc through the Opus (using the "how to power your lilli through your opus" thing, right?)

    Anyway, my question is this. How can I get the thing up and running before I actually do the install into the car? I cant just plug the opus into an outlet because it's designed for DC. Do I have to get an AC-DC converter? That seems silly. I see everyone talking about this stage a lot, but cant think of a good way around this little problem. What did you all do?

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    car battery and a decent battery charger? should work for a while for setting up the psu etc. for installing stuff uuse a normal AC atx psu.

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    Problem being that I only have a Dell desktop to donate to this project. I hear dell does power supplies their own way, so it wont work. Is there a cheaper plan b? I'd rather not spend the money on a new psu if it wont even be a part of the final project, seems like a waste.

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    Pick up a spare cheap atx psu online. I find they are very handy to have around.

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