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Thread: rolling your own dc-dc power supply link inside.

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    rolling your own dc-dc power supply link inside.

    I found this and will use them to put clean 12v and 5v to my screen and usb devices, I was wondering if someone wanted to get a few- some can put 3A, then they could make their own "opus"

    Any gurus have any suggestion on getting multiple units to provide higher amps?
    Iwill ZPCgx 2.4ghz cel, 256mb pc2700, external combo drive, 80gb 2.5 laptop drive, xp pro, usb gps, 7 in Lilliput TS , carnetix CNX1900. All mounted ghetto- still experimenting and tweaking.

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    There are several threads about these already. At least one member used these exclusively to build his power supplies (several 12V supplies in parallel). I have a copule of them that I assembed into small project boxes for use to power my LCD (12V) and USB stuff. They worked just fine but ultimately I didn't need them.

    You can more information and datasheets direclty from the TI website. Limited free samples are also possible -- if you qualify.

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