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Thread: how to wire amp turn-on lead?

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    how to wire amp turn-on lead?

    ok, i've searched around and read around on how to wire the amp's turn-on lead... there have been some people who wire it directly to the car's switched +12v wire so that when they switch the key to ACC, the amps automatically turn on... and there have also been other people who splice one of the HDD power connectors on the computer's power supply to get to the +12v line and wire it to the amps...

    can you guys explain more about both methods and tell me the advantages/disadvantages of those methods, and more importantly, any dangers involved?


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    I spliced the amp turn on directly to the ACC wire. All i did was connect the ACC wire to the AMP turn on wire. The advantage of this way is all the wiring is already close to each other. If youwa nt to go through the power supply you would have to run a wire from the power supply up which depending on your configuration could be difficult. The down side to doing it with the acc and amp turn on line is that you get an annoying pop when you turn on the car and the computer actually kicks in. You can get a delay timer thingy(don't know technical term) that will turn the amp on after a set time. As for dangers I can't forsee any dangers from using either method. Its a low amperage 12 volt signal being sent just for turn on purposes. As long as you either solder or crimp conect the wires together then use electrical tape to cover up any bare wire, you should be fine.

    Hope this helps.

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    That pop that occurs when the PC turns on is bad for both your amplifers and woofers. It can cause your amplifiers to go into overload mode, which then means you have to turn them off again (if wired to the ACC line, that means turning off the car).

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    how about wiring it to the power supply? i'll just be splicing the red wire from a vacant hdd power connector right? that's the +12v line that i'll connect to the amp right? the red one? because i see 1 red, 2 yellow and 1 black... what are those wires anyway

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    generally the yellow one is 12v and the red one is 5v, the way i have it conected is my computer power supply closes a relay (yellow and black on power supply) which feads the acc wire to my amps, this means that i get no turn on pop and my amps will be on only when both the computer and the acc wire are on, i believe a lot of other people here use this method
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    Do you think you could provide a quick sketch as to how you have your amp hooked up to the power supply?


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