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Thread: need help choosing

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    need help choosing

    for my car pc i plan to run a microATX board and processor i have lying around. the board is a ECS K7VZM and has a amd 1ghz processor in it (i forget exactly which model). also in this setup i plan to run a fairly big full size hd (200gb or so), a agp video card and some kind of sound card (not sure of internal or external yet). it currently has 256mb or memory (2 128mb chips). what i would like help with is powering it. i figure i will have to use an inverter but was wondering if any of the dc-dc power supplies would work for me. any suggestions would be helpful.
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    i take it you have heard of Opus?

    M1 ATX work but with AGP graphics and 3.5" HDD no point messing around. Go and do a power budget (search for power calcualtor for links) for your system and see what power you are likely to need.

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    If you use an inverter, you should check out the CarPC EZ or Pro Power Controller for turning on and off the inverter, pc, and more.

    As for the power calculator, I have one on my website Goto the tools menu bar item, then select Power Supply Calculator.

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