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Thread: Shuttle power button?

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    Shuttle power button?

    well after giving it some thought, i think i will just run a power button to my center console instead of a shutdown controller for my Shuttle PC. my question is what type of power button do i use? The shuttle uses a button that does not seem to be the standard type of power button. it is the type you would find on an xbox where you just press it, rather than push it in so it till it locks like most computers. any links to direct me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. BTW, the reason for this isn't price, it is that i don't want the computer going on all the time because in the winter, i'd rather wait a while for the car to warm up before the computer goes on. Thanks in advance.

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    Most computers these days have a momentary contact switch (aka. soft switch), older AT type PC's had the latching switches that you mention. Just a simple contact switch connected to the header on the motherboard should do it. Any switch really, as long as it doesnt latch.

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    thanks, can you give me a link to where i can buy one of these?

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