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Thread: New M1-ATX timing schemes?

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    New M1-ATX timing schemes?

    Please look at these timing schemes....

    M1-ATX has an extra jumper that can give you up to 8 more timing schemes or operating modes. If you need other timing schems, please post to this message, I will read the thread in the next few weeks...

    Current timing schemes:

    5sec/2 hours
    30sec/2 hour

    And here another mode we will implement, thanks to a user comment:

    "All of the schemes seem to automatically power on the PC when the ignition is turned on. Is there any way to not have the PC turn on when the ignition is turned on, but turn on when the power button is pressed, and also automatically turn off when the ignition is turned off?"


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    Those people that use HARDOFF=Never might benefit from a SOFTOFF delay setting. The new mode would force the PSU into the SOFTOFF state (i.e. +5VSB ON, other power rails off) after the timer expired. Otherwise if the PC hangs before it lets PSON go high, it will remain on until the low voltage threshold is reached.

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    How about a HARDOFF=16 or 18 hours?
    This way, if I don't use my car for a day the system shuts off, but overnight or after work it would still come up very quickly from standby.

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