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Thread: Your Power Advice

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    Your Power Advice

    I have a P3 with an asus motherboard. Slimline dvd rom. 80 gig harddrive. gps. audigy2 sound card. ati 9000 vid card. 256 ram. 7" tview screen.

    I don't want to buy an opus. What is my next alternative. I am putting this thing in soon. I calculated a total of 126 on the wattage calculator everyone's using.

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    An inverter, ITPS & dc-dc converter, or Carnetix.

    But with your setup, you'll only get good results from an Opus 150w.

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    Either inverter or Opus.

    Nothing else will provide enough power to run that.

    I suggest you do it right and get the Opus.

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    If you intend to install other items, or want more flexibility, go inverter and shutdown controller.

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