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Thread: opus wired to wires from radio

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    opus wired to wires from radio


    I am going to take out my double dinn radio and install a carputer. I am wondering if I can hack the wiring harness from my factory stereo to use the 12V constant for the opus. I know that I can use the ignition wire and probably the ground also, but Im not certain if the 12V constant will provide enough Watts to power the opus. Or do i HAVE to wire the opus 12V constant directly to the battery (fused of course).


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    yeah. id like to know as well. ill be replacing the headunit altogether in my carpc, so the wiring harness for the radio will be left open.
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    Do so at your own risk. The instructions for the Opus state it should be connectected to the battery for the main power. It is acceptable to use the ACC/ignition on line for the Opus 'switch' though.

    For an extra 30 mins work to wire to the battery it could save your car from setting on fire. OK chances are it will be fine but unless you know you car's own wiring well, it's not worth risking.
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    At least use an in-line fuse.

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