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Thread: custom shutdown controller for inverter usage

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    custom shutdown controller for inverter usage

    those who dont know already, i have decided to go the inverter route for my carpc. so i decided to try and design my own simplistic shutdown controller. here is my diagram. tell me what you think:

    for those curious, here's how the setup works:

    Key On: Relay #2 (middle) turns on inverter and relay#1 (left) momentarily activates the power switch on the motherboard and computer turns on. when the computer turns on relay #3 (right) adds an extra closed ciruit to the inverter power switch.
    Key Off: Relay #2 turns off and removes the first closed circuit from the inverter switch, but relay #3 is still on so the inverter stays on. relay #1 pulses the motherboard power switch again which shuts down (or hibernate, your preference) the computer. once the computer goes off, the 12V power is removed from relay #3 which ends up opening the last circuit keeping the inverter on. at this point the inverter shuts off.
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    Not sure how much of this you've built, but there are currently a total of 3 different professionally manufactured SDC's designed for use with Inverters...

    CarPC Pro/EZ
    Dashwerks SDDC


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    Think I've seen similar circuits here that used 2 relays and some diodes, to do the same thing.
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    someone really should make this a sticky.

    Ghetto Startup/Shutdown Control for Inverter

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    I guess its just something that I'm going to have to live with for now, but everytime I see this I get excited. Unfortuately I have a laptop. And none of these methods help. I know its just as easy as flipping a switch, but oh well... (I could just let my laptop shut itself down on battery power, if the battery was any good...)
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