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Thread: Control switch

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    Control switch

    I'm looking into building a switch in my center console as sort of a "control switch" or switches i should say. I would like a switch the lets you control an opus power supply to have it turn on with the ignition, turn on all the time and just be turned off. I would also like a reset switch. Has anyone wired anything like this? I'm curious what would be the best approach. Where can i get a 3 way switch for the power supply, and I'm assuming a reset switch is just a momentary switch. Also, how can i make the reset button "hidden" so i don't accidently restart the computer. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

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    Im looking for this too. Did you find a good thread? I had one at one time but searching for this is a pain with all the hits you get

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    I rigged a switch to my ACC line so I can make the computer think the car is off when it's on, so the computer wont boot (or will shutdown when I flip the switch off). But I haven't done anything to keep the computer running after turning off the car.

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    Well, you could theoretically run, say, CAT-5 wires (individually) to the headers on a board like the M1-ATX to control its behaviour, and wire up switches on the other end. Also, you can use a jumper to hook the PSU into the mobo's on/off switch line, and wire that up as well.

    I briefly thought about doing this, but then decided it wasn't that important.

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