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Thread: Problem with shutdown controller

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    Problem with shutdown controller

    Whats going on everyone, i have a uSDC20D just took it out of the box hooked up the basic connections VIN, VOUT, GND. But when i hook up the acc line the relay turns on and off, now i just searched the forums and someone said something about a relay bounce? and im guessing i need a diode between the acc line and the controller??? if so what kind?? has anyone else had this problem?

    Also the pdf's talk about hooking up the 12V line from the power supply to one of the jumper pins and to use a diode for this too, but does not say which kind does any one know which one?


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    Quote Originally Posted by bobs987
    Whats going on everyone, i have a uSDC20D just took it out of the box


    Can you give me a little more detail? You should be able to connect up Gnd to 0 volts, Vin to 12 volts and it should sit there and do nothing. You can then use a a penny to connect the vin connection to the ACC Lug, hold if for a second and the relay should click on and stay on. The LED should stay full on as long as you have Vin and Acc connected to 12 volts. As soon as you release the ACC line, the LED should flash and eventually the Relay should click off.

    Please tell me your situation with this level of detail.

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