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Thread: creating a regulated circuit

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    creating a regulated circuit

    I need to create a 12v (boost circuit i think its called) it needs to be regulated at 2.5A to power a 14" LCD monitor so the power needs to be clean at 2.5A (I already had it serviced because the inverter board blew). Speaking of regulators i need to also create another one in 5 volt 2.5A to power a Belkin F5U014-OE 4 port USB which i think it also needs 2.5A or more if possible to power any device that would require such power. would this be similar to the above but using a 7805 regulator.

    Thanks in advance
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    They make 3A fixed regulators which would make it really easy. Check And hopefully someone will chime in if something is wrong with that idea.

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