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Thread: Power distribution clarifications needed please.

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    Power distribution clarifications needed please.

    I'm a bit confused with the whole power distribution aspect for the various pieces
    that make up a Carputer.

    I drew a quick diagram of how I think things should be linked together.
    Basicly, Power Controler PCB controls a relay that feeds an Opus and a 5V regulator.
    Not sure if the 5v regulator is needed as it only feeds the touch screen.
    The 5v reg. would be delay activated (555&PT) by the Controler PCB.
    Does that make sense? The opus pwrs the MB and internal HD normaly,
    and the 2 extra HDD connectors from the Opus are used to pwr external modules.

    An other thing that I'm far from clear on is using something like the CarPC EZ ctrl
    to control an Opus power supply. Who should plug directly into the mobo's Pwr Switch?

    So, any helpfull pointers/slaps out there?
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