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Thread: Strange Inverter fault

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    Strange Inverter fault

    Hi guys,

    I had a problem (that I described in another thread before) that my alternator is not giving enough power for my PC.
    I have: DC - 175W Inverter - ATX power supply

    Trying to solve this I replaced my ATX to a smaller one (150W) hoping that it might consume less power and got another weired thing. When everything is connected and i start the ignition the inverter gives me red "Fault" light and doesn't start at all. If I disconnect the ATX, leaving inverter connected it immediately changes the light to green, then I connect the ATX back and everything starts ok.
    I tried it a few times. If I turn the ignition off, then immediately back on - it starts ok. But if i wait for some while before turning it back on - it doesn't, until again, I disconnect the ATX, wait a second for inverter to start and then connect ATX.
    After it has started it is working ok (Tried it for 15min only, but seemed fine)

    The inverter has "soft start" feature in it.. maybe its related.

    Expert help is very appreciated :-)

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    Inverter is too small. Get a bigger one and your problems will be gone. I promise.
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    I agree, the fault is because the inverter cannot supply the power needed.
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