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Thread: Leaving inverter turned on???

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    Leaving inverter turned on???

    Hey guys

    Ive got my inverter but want to keep it in the boot with the actual PC where it will be connected to my 2nd battery.

    I was just wondering if i leave the inverter turned and the PC in Hibernate will the inverter draw alot of current and flatten the battery or will i be ok.

    Im using a 300w inverter by the way.

    Thanks for your help


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    Don't leave it on. I will drain you battery.

    (you could have found the answer to that by searching so next time.... )

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    I've left my 400 watt inverter on as long as 16 days with no draw.

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    my battery would be dead by morning.

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    it all depends no the inverter, some models draw very little power when not being used...other draw just as much as a full load all the time when something is requiring ANY current...If this is your case, the power supply from the computer will require just a little to keep the mobo powered up, however the inverter still will draw alot of current.

    If your hibernating, why not just shut the inverter off? its not like your suspending it or anything, the computer is shutting off anyway
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