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Thread: 150w PC 300w Power inverter... help?? Please..

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    150w PC 300w Power inverter... help?? Please..

    I have a dell Optiplex pc (600mhz P3)
    It has a 150w PSU in it and it is all ready to go in my car.

    I am aiming to power it of a 300w inverter, as it seemed more than enough considering the PSU is only 150w.

    I have plugged the pc in and the inverter. When i turn the inverter on i get a continuous clicking noise from the inverter and the PSU in the PC.
    The PC will not power up and it will keep clicking until i turn the inverter off or unplug the power cable from the pc.

    The inverter does work as i have used it to power household sub speaker to test it with.

    Has anyone got any ideas on what the problem is??



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    does the dell power up in your house.. I know it's an obvious question..

    if it does.. then it's quite simple. it's an issue with the inverter.. 300W should be good enough .. I ran a full PC of of 300W once.. 15" screen and all .. of course you had to turn on the PC first.. wait a minute and then turn on the screen.. much like they had to do in apollo 13 :-)..

    anyway .. I recommend dc-dc anyway.. you get nice shutdown controllers and battery rundown protection ..

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    yeh, the pc powers up in the house, used it to install all software and stuff.

    But it confused me a little because the inverter has powered other equipment.

    I cant really afford the DC to DC stuff, was trying to do it on the cheap.

    But if the inverter has to be sent back then i mite as well.

    How much is the DC to DC stuff?



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