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Thread: anyone use a ITPS just for their lilliput?

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    Lightbulb anyone use a ITPS just for their lilliput?

    After my coworker having problems with his ITPS, i ended up buying a opus 150. now i have a ITPS that won't get used- but could i use it to power the lilliput? the 12v output is constant, correct? thought maybe it would take a little load off of the opus.

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    The OPUS should be able to handle the extra load of your Lilliput just fine.

    You can use the ITPS if you want to, just remember that it requires 13.3 volts input so it may not work while the engine is not running.

    However I would recommend powering the Lilliput off the OPUS power supply.

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    forgot about the 13.3v part! wouldn't work in my case then!

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