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Thread: I must have something wrong...

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    I must have something wrong...

    I just setup my pc, i thought i hooked the switched power up correctly but apparently not, when the car starts it reboots... what wire exactly should it be connected to? the starter? Ignition (there's 2 in my car) or acc? Any wire should be easy to access because i have remote start hooked up already and know where all wires are... thanks guys.

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    Which power supply are you using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UK_MP3Car
    Which power supply are you using?
    don't you just love the "please help with my thingy cos i attached it to the other thingy over there connected to that thingy and it doesnt do that thing it's supposed to do..." questions!

    You want to connect your switched 12V to the acc line normally (as it says in the instructions for most of these PSUs).

    As well as telling us what PSU you have please state how you have wired the main 12V power to the PSU with what guage wire etc and have you set any jumpers etc on the PSU for the startup settings?

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    Some car charging systems cause PCs to reboot. The same PC set up in my toyota truck does not survive crank but does in the chevy suburban.... same PC different car... different results.
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