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Thread: cant decide which inverter...

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    cant decide which inverter...

    hello everyone, i have an ATX computer with a P4 2.4GHz processor, and the powersupply i have now is 400W, what Power inverter should i get?

    i was looking at the coleman 800/1600
    let me know what i should be looking for

    any help is greatly appreciated,

    Thank you


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    I am having the same troubles.

    Same problem here. I am trying to figure out the best way to go. I need to be able to power the system as well as USB hum, Sound Blaster, and need to control startup timing of amps.

    Here is something I found

    From alot of the post I have read some people say inverters are a bad way to go while others say they are fine. So I am confused about how to power this system.

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    I'm not going to tell you whether or not to get an inverter but I can tell you if you want an inverter I would stay with the tried and true ones that have been used succesfully on this site. It seems that all inverters are not created equal. Meaning that Brand A 400watt inverter doesn't work at all while Brand B 400watt inverter works like a charm. I personally use a Coleman as well as many others without any issues. Zshopa, that Coleman should power that power supply more than enough but keep in mind the bigger the inverter the bigger the power draw. An inverter is similar to amplifier on the electrical system and could or may not cause some unwanted effects at that size. I brought the CarPC Pro from kyferez and I havent installed it yet but must say that they handle their business very profesionally and theyre are many satisfied customers on this board. Dont listen to what others say you should get. Gather the facts. Decide on what you need and get it. Generally speaking the DC-DC power supplies are for lower current draw computers such as mini-itx and micro-atx boards that draw little power. Some have gotten away with powering moderate setups with the Opus 150watt but you will probaly be cutting it close. If you dont try to run an insane amount of stuff on your inverter and you follow the basic rules for installation you should end up with satisfactory results. Hopes this helps and damn this is long.
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