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Thread: In need of ALOT of help! Overheat/Power/GPS/Centrafuse

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    In need of ALOT of help! Overheat/Power/GPS/Centrafuse

    I'm running a VIA M2 10000 motherboard with a M1-ATX power supply, 40 gig hard drive. Wired to a full system but I don't think that would be causing any of the problems that i'm having. There are several problems i'm having.

    1. I installed the pc indash in a gutted factory radio case. I check it and it's super hot. Do I need to add more fans? Perhaps it's because, it's right by the heater? I had the unit running in my room for 2 days and it was never that hot. I assume that I don't need a fan because I've seen other ppl remove the fan and chop the heatsinks! But I didn't modify my board! Nor do I want to fry anything..

    2. I have no safe power down. On the M1-ATX it has different pin configurations for different power down timings. I set my jumper on "B". But it has no safe shut down. Bad power suppy perhaps? or am I missing something here.....other settings or maybe wrong pin configuration?

    3. I realize after doing a shutdown through windows 2000. 5 seconds later....the PC starts AGAIN! I ran the power to the battery with a 10A fuse. and the remote goes to the factory remote that used to turn on the radio. Ground is grounded. If the remote is off...why would it power up again? Again...bad power suppy? I don't want to come back to my car and it's dead.

    4. I'm am running Centrafuse. The volume buttons on the left bottom side corner doesn't work. It used to. Also the rewind and fast fwd. I have to keep on tapping it and that doesn't even work too well.

    5. What is best for internet? I'm using a wireless card in the slot with an antenna hooked up. I was led to believe that I can get at least 1/8 of mile reception with this thing. Considering that I live in NYC....there are many networks around. If mine sucks....any suggestion?

    6. GPS. I have Destinator software with a DeLorme usb gps. I installed the drivers but I'm having a hard time acquiring satellites. Is that such a bad combo? OR maybe could it be because I also have Delorme Streets Atlas USA 2005 installed as well? Conflicting software? If so, what is the best setup and where can i find it for cheap.

    7. Last but not least, Thanks to whomever takes the time to respond to my problem..s.

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    no input?

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