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Thread: Opus 150W - 1 week later impressions and questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyferEz
    You may not want to go this route since you already spent so much on the Opus, but you could bypass the Opus' shutdown controller and use our power controller. It can be setup so it completly kills power to the Opus, and gives you many more features to use.

    Your website does not load in Mozzilla firefox....
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    Quote Originally Posted by TruckinMP3
    Your website does not load in Mozzilla firefox....
    Yes it does; I use Firefox as my primary browser and am using it now and just checked it again. I test it in both Firefox and IE whenever I make changes.

    Are you unable to access it completely, or is a certain thing not working? Maybe it was down for a while? I noticed several ISPs and other websites were having DNS trouble yesterday, including (which for a time was redirected to ).

    Try if doesn't work.

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    You can also send back your Opus and get them to Mod it So the always on 5v stand by line is removed. Cost is around 25 bucks plus shipping.
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    Hmm.... 25bucks+shipping all the way to brazil.... would come up to about 100bucks total.... probably more due to importing it back...

    again, I wish I had known this before... I had heard of this mod,but thought it could be made at home....

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    I will be solving this problem with my relay board (in sig). The board that I bought turns all relays off when there is no power applied, but has the ability to turn on selected relays as soon as it senses power.

    The way it will work is as soon as my Opus sends power out to all the components my relay card will then latch the 5v standby power line on.
    When the Opus shuts down, and power is removed from the relay card, the relay shuts off.

    Sounds good in theory, and hopefully will work good in practice. Time will tell.
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    The last few days I am having a smiliar problem with the 150W Opus.. Either it won't hibernate, or it will hibernate after about 1 min.. But other times it may hibernate normally!!!

    Isn't Opus supposed to CUT off the power if the PC doesn't power off??

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    i've yet to have my opus succesufully start my pc..

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    Opus not surviving crank, battery issue?

    So I have an opus, and it seems to be working well, but I have one question.

    It is supposed to survive an engine crank, right? If I start it (turning my key one or two clicks on), everything is great, but if i then start the car, my pc will get into a very weird state (almost like the power was cut quick, then brought back on, etc). It sounds to me like the opus just can't survive the crank.

    With the hardware i'm currently running, i am not drawing very much (used one of the online calculator things, and i'm barely at 105W), but it seems like the rest of my car just needs more. I'm also running two alpine amps (4 channel, and a monosub amp), and I'm wondering if this is too much for my battery?

    I currently have the factory ACDelco battery, would a newer, better (yellow-top, etc), battery be the solution to this problem?

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    it can survive crank. but it also depends on the battery and how healthy it is. if the battery is old, when you start the car it will drain more power from the battery than a healthy one an the opus just cant stay on.
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