Im worried that I may be getting close to the limit that my power supply can hold. I dont know for sure but I do know that I have ran out of connectors on my power supply not counting the mini square one. I only have two full size molex connectors and allready have them split with a Y molex connector to power my XM Direct Commander. This leaves alot of things that need molex connectors without any power. This is what im running

Currently Connected To The Power Supply Either By Molex or USB Connections
DVD fullsize drive
ATX Biostar motherboard
AMD 2200+
Xm Radio Commander
CarPC Startup/Shutdown Controller
TripNav GPS
USB mouse
4-Port USB hub
Lilliput Touchscreen monitor 7"

Plan On Adding In The Future
USB Keyboard
USB soundcard (possibly)
RF Remote (via usb port)
USB number pad (to be used as a remote)

Cant think of anything else but im sure I will before I'm able to buy it. So I was wondering how hard is it to add a seperate external power supply to power my peripheals only such as external drives, xm radio, and shutdown controller? I know that the powersupply needs to be plugged into a motherboard in order to "kick" it on so how do you do this. Is there some pins that need to be shorted? Would this also be too much for my Coleman 400watt inverter? My current PS is a 200watt micro-atx powersupply. If i add one more 200watt one will this be too close to reaching maximux capacity or is this just a bad idea and i need to work around my current power solution.