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Thread: Athlon xp carpc user please comment.

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    Athlon xp carpc user please comment.

    cpu athlon xp mobile 1400 will underclock to approx 1G
    m/b gigabyte GA7-VKML vga on
    ram 512 (2x256) DDR 266
    sound Audigy 2 PCI
    Seagate 40Gb 3.5 HDD 7200 rpm
    Desktop DVD rom
    Rikaline 6010 GPS
    7" Lilliput Touchscreen

    Will Opus 90 handle my spec. ?
    (in actual life ,i tried to calculate using power cal. ,u knew that,it's always insuffient.)

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    Probably NOT.
    Try Opus 150w instead.
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    Yea, I'd go to 150 as well if your gonna put all that on the psu.


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    - Garmin 15H GPS
    - WinXP SP2 (NLited)

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