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Thread: Mastero whats the deal?

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    Mastero whats the deal?

    Hi Guys,

    I have heard only good things about the MK4.5 PSU... 250w DC-DC cheaper than an opus (or about the same), ashutdown controller included, etc...

    However, why dont we hear more? What is happening with it? The site shows the Kit on clearence and the full-unit out of stock for the past months...

    What is the deal? I searched but didnt come accross major stuff, I wont hide it I didnt read all the 20 pages of the Official MK4.5 thread....

    Just to confirm the Sproggy and the Mastero 4.5 are the same right?

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    Yes, the actual name is Mastero Sproggy MK4.5
    Sproggy is a long time member here who make the first design up to 2.8 I think. All base on the datasheet from Maxxim. ATX from begin from 2.8. Before that they are all AT form factor (maybe I am wrong here.)
    Why don't you just build it yourself if Mastero didn't have it? All info are available from his site.
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    Yes, but I'm lazy... I wanted the complete kit....

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