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Thread: Adding 2nd Battery to vehicle

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    Adding 2nd Battery to vehicle

    I would like to add a 2nd battery (deep cell) to my truck. How extactly does this hook up? Using a deep cell and keeping the existing car battery for cranking. I'd like to isolate most of the electronics to the deep cell?

    Any help? Thanx!

    Also can/does the deep cell battery receive a charge from the alternator as well?

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    do a search for battery isolator ... this topic has been covered in depth.
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    Thanx.... I guess I should be more specific. I know how to hook the batteries up with the isolator, I'm wondering about what can be hooked up to the 2nd battery? Can I take the power cables coming from the brain box and hook that to the second battery to ALL the electical runs off the 2nd one. Then maybe run a ignition jumper to the 1st battery for starting only?
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