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Thread: No permanent 12V - advice on secondary battery solution

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arathranar
    No noticeable problems with over current. Even when the battery was pretty much fully discharged and only at 6V with no load. The battery didn't even get warm.
    Great, then, thanks for the information.
    Road Runner has support for remembering state with an EWF setup.
    Really ? That's interesting... Do you have more info on that (what exact state is stored - Playlist / song position / map data / ... and how does it achieve that, if there's no more power ?)

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    Not really - someone asked Guino to add the ability to restore the correct state with an EWF setup and he added it. After one bug fix, the person requesting it said it was working and didn't ask for anything more so I presume it was working well.
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    Oh, yeah, I found the thread, thanks. Seems to be limited to playlist (and maybe song position) and I don't know exactly what triggers the saving of the state, but I'll look into that too.
    Anyway, I'm still reluctant to use EWF, partially because of the cost overhead and also because of the inevitable head scratching of stripping XP off. Plus, I don't feel comfortable with the idea, but that's just me

    Edit: Wait, can I use EWF on a fixed partition and not on CF ?

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