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Thread: M1-ATX Help!

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    M1-ATX Help!

    Hello all, Ive been reading and doing alot of searching for the past few months. I have received my whole carputer and started to install it. I have a Via Epia M10000 which was tested inside the house with a regular ATX Power Supply and it worked great!. Now my problem is, when I went to install the M1-ATX Power supply in the car and motherboard. The Motherboard will not power up. I have the yellow wire running directly to my ignition wire and the 12v wire running to the battery and the ground wire running to the negative side of the battery (this is what the manual said to do). Now when I take my keys out of the ignition. My dash lights stay on and they dim. Almost as if I never took my keys out. And my alarm will not arm, So I have had to disconnect the + and - from the battery until I get this resolved. Is it possible bad power supply? or could just be something simple that I am overlooking. Maybe the ignition wire? Not really sure. I would hate to return the Power Supply, but I will have to if its defective. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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    I doubt it is the power supply. Check your wireing.
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    Is there any way to check it outside the car? Maybe like a battery charger inside the house, since they put out 12v?

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    Ok, im an idiot!, i checked through all my wiring again and noticed that I had the negative wire from the PSU going to the ignition and the ignition wire from the PSU grounded. *OUCH* I checked the fuse on the PSU and it wasnt blown, and I havent smelt anything cooking so I hoping I will be alright. I am about to go out and test it.

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