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Thread: What Power supply should I use?

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    Arrow What Power supply should I use?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am on a project with the following Hardware: 7" Touchscreen, Epia M10000, 512MB, 2,5" 40Gb Harddrive, DVD+RW slim drive and I am going to need 4 USB (for Bluetooth, Wi-FI, Touchscreen, GPS).

    The only thing I havent bought yet is the Power supply.

    1.) I Want the CarPc to turn on from stanby Automaticaly when I switch the car on.
    2.) smooth turn into standby Automaticaly when I turn my car off.
    3.) But I also want to switch the pc on and watch a movie when the car is off.

    Could you suggest me some Hardware for this purpose?

    For your honest answer i would like to thank you in advance.

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    have a look under the power supplies thread. Theres loads of topics mon achieving this

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