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Thread: Opus outside computer case OK or not?

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    Opus outside computer case OK or not?

    OK to do this or not?

    My install is in 2 days , just removed the normal 120v power supply and replace with the DC-DC 150W opus. Well it LOOKED like it would fit but no dice.

    Do you think it would be ok to just have the opus outside of the case? mount it with velcro beside it? Or get another case.
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    As long as you mount it well and protect the wiring, it should be fine.

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    no problem being outside as long you don't go diving (or offroading)

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    not sure how the opus is packaged,
    but I'd suggest either using standoffs and put the psu on side of the computer, or else put it in a project box, and stick it on the side somehow.

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