Does anyone know the difference in operation of the Morex 60W PSU between the 4 wire and 6 wire regulator connection?

I can't get the 6 wire connection to work properly, or I can't follow the horrible connection diagram correctly.

Everything works fine if I don't use the regulator, and leave the jumper installed on the two end pins of the regulator connection on the PSU (as it comes delivered).

If I use the 4 wire connection to the regulator, and wire the pwr button to the mobo header pins, everything still powers up correctly.

If I use the 6 wire connection to the regulator, connect the case pwr button to the CN3 pins of the morex (if the board is oriented with the regulator connector to the left, these are the lower two pins) and connect the little jumper wire supplied from the CN2 pins to the mobo header pins, then all I get is a little "blip" on the power LED and nothing.

Checking the powered down state of the ATX connector, in the two scenarios where things work the VSS (standby) has +5v and the PWROK has voltage as well (maybe was +5?). In the 6 wire configuration, everything is dead on the ATX connector.

Tried a couple of other configurations: not connecting at all to the morex pwr button pins (still dead, and no blip), and swapping the +/- of the connectors (though they're just shorting momentary switches - shouldn't make a difference).

What is the purpose of connecting the switch "through" the Morex in the 6 wire configuration?

For that matter, what is the difference between the 4 and 6 wire configurations? There really shouldn't be a difference between wiring from the battery vs from the cigarette adapter. Is it supposed to be a power saving thing when connected to the battery, and presumbably the cig adapter is only hot when the ign is ON?