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Thread: OPUS 120W or 150W?

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    OPUS 120W or 150W?

    I decided to go with Opus for my power supply. But now I have to decide between the 120W and the 150W.

    I think both of them can power my setup:
    - motorized in dash housing
    - epia MII10000 with CF GPS, WIFI USB, regular DVD/CD-RW, 3,5" hd
    - probably usb wireless keyboard with integrated trackball(if I can do without a keyboard I will)

    I like the 150W, cause it gives me some more breathing room to expand. But I like the 10 min shutdown delay on the 120W more then the 20 min(or 15 sec) delay on the 150W.

    I'm worried that if I'm using 20 minutes shutdown delay every time I shut down, that it will eventually drain my battery.

    What do you think?

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    I think your a fool if you would use the 10min or 20 min shutdown. Use the 15 second shutdown. If you want to keep your computer on leave the keyswitch in the ACC or IGN position.
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    fool? why do you say that?

    what about us europeans that dont have pushstarts and have to stop the engine by key to gas up or pop in a shop? You have to take the key out or you may find your car gone by the time you get back to it, especially in inner cities (infact some areas you are wise to lock the damn thing just to queue in the hut where you pay for gas)

    Sapiens, I wouldnt worry about 10, 20 or 40 minutes, as long as you are starting the car again straight after, what little was taken from the battery will be very quicly replaced (by the alternator) as soon as you drive off. A loud hifi would drain far more.

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    nah 20mins shutdown is ok on ur battery, its not like leaving it on for hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motoko
    nah 20mins shutdown is ok on ur battery, its not like leaving it on for hours.
    I once accidentally left my carputer on (including screen, two fans, and USB hub and attachements) for 17 hours. Granted, my carputer is sort of low power (EPIA-V 1 gig) and I did not notice any difference in starting the car. I imagine an older battery may act differently if power was used for that long but 20 minutes should not be a problem for any battery.
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    Hmm I guess I can go for both then. I'll have to think about what I want to add in the future then to see if I need the breathing room.

    Good advice everyone, thanks.

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