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Thread: A quick question for the gurus...

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    Question A quick question for the gurus...

    I posted this in the Newbie section, but didn't get the response I was looking for... I have been doing some reading, and I think that I have gone a bit overboard on the carpc that I am building . I decided to go with a micro-ATX board, Celeron D processor 2.4g, DVD (no cd-rw in this one), HD, and I have plans on running a Nav system as well. Will this use up too much power for this kind of adapter or should I just keep this for a home computer?
    I've read a lot from this forum, and just wanted to make sure of my assumptions...


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    Not really, no.

    I'm building a PC with two consoles, a CPU that can push 2 MPEG-4 streams (2 VGA outputs), a DVD/CDR drive (2.5''), a hard drive, two audio cards, WiFi, GPS, GPRS modem and TV Tuner. I use a non-mobile Athlon XP 1700+ CPU and a desktop motherboard.

    The net power consumption of all the above orchestra falls short of the 60W mark. This figure doesn't include the two screens for the two consoles.

    You could probbably pull around 1000 Watts off your battery if you so liked.

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