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Thread: Great Customer Service

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    Great Customer Service

    Wasn't sure if this goes in the general forum or this one but anyways, I just wanted to share my experience with KyferEz (Travis) at About a week ago I posted that I was having a problem with my shutdown controller and couldnt get in contact with the representatives that sold it to me. KyferEz sent me an email the following night giving the information that I required to have my CarPC Pro repaired. I really wasnt expecting to get it repaired since you cant even get decent customer service at the locat department chains in person. What a surprise I was in for. Not only did he have it diagnosed and repaired within that week but I basically paid the cost of shipping. I'm so excited to get my SDC back now without having to give up my first born I dont know what to do. I just thought that I would share my expereinces with one of the companies that provide an important product to us in the Car PC world. My opinion is that they are highly recommended not only for a great all around product but in todays world, the added bonus of great customer service. Thanks KyferEz and

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    You are very welcome, and Thank you.

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