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Thread: opus won't shutdown computer?

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    opus won't shutdown computer?

    ok i've tried searching, and if someone knows where to look they can point in the right direction!

    when i plug in my opus everything works fine, the LED flashes once (idle state) when i turn the key the LED stays on and the computer turns on....

    but when i turn the key to the off position, it stays on for ages. i have to pull the power cord out then plug it back in.

    its on the default jumper setting of 10 sec delay.

    i'm thinking could it be my mobo? i'm using a BX440 p3 mobo.

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    check the power settings in your OS. you need to make sure it is set to shut down the computer when the power button is pressed...
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    Check the ACPI settings in the BIOS configuration.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I'm finding the same issue.

    I have an Opus150, and it was working great. Then I got a new case, redid some wiring to get everything tucked away. Now, it boots up fine, but doesn't turn the computer off. I'll also take a look at the settings. However, I have another switched wired in parallel, and it works fine (start / shutdown, etc), so it would seem weird that the bios settings have changed. Regardless I'll take a look.

    Any other suggestions?

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