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Thread: Best way to tap the 12V and 5V output on Opus?

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    Best way to tap the 12V and 5V output on Opus?

    Hey guys

    I'm just starting v2.0 of my carputer install in a new car

    I have an Opus 150W

    In my last car I just used wire taps for the 12V and 5V wires coming out of the Opus. This seems ghetto to me...the Carnetix has a dedicated 5V output for example and that seems like a much cleaner way of powering peripheral devices...

    Is there a better way than wire taps with the Opus? I want to be able to power my Soundblaster and Xenarc from the Opus...

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    fuse box under ur dash or behind the kick panal that is where i get my 12 volt

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    i bought some of those y adaptors for molex connectors and cut them up
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