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Thread: Which PSU for this setup?

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    Which PSU for this setup?

    I'm in the process of building a CarPc and I'm kinda stuck when it comes down to the Power Supply.
    I've got the following hardware in my car:

    - VIA EBGA EPIA-MII12000
    - 512 Mb PC2700
    - 80Gb IDE HDD
    - Slimline DVD
    - BU-GPS receiver
    - Sweex USB Webcam (rearview cam)
    - Lilliput 7" TFT with USB Touchscreen
    - 1Gb USB Memory Stick

    The Liliput has it's own adapter, the rest will use the PSU.

    I currently have a 150 Watt 12v to 220v Converter, which I could use to power the pc via a normal PSU. But how am I going to handle startup/ shutdown and short stops at gasstations? (I don't want to shut down the pc then)

    I've also looked online and found an Opus 150 Watt DC-DC PSU, I like this better because of the startup and shutdown functions, but is it powerfull enough to supply power to my system?

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    I run simular (EPIA 1000) setup on a M1-ATX 90 Watt, works fine.

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