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Thread: Opus 120

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    Opus 120

    Hey guys i was look over on how to wire my Opus 120. It is a little different than the 90watt. So i was just wondering if someone can help me out. I dont really understand the diagram all that much. I have 2 black wires(ground) 2 (yellow) 1 (blue/white) and 1 red wire.

    Can some1 just tell me where they all need to be wired up to. I am connecting my opus to a relay.... I understand where the red a blue wire go. But i cant figure out the 2 grounds and the 2 yellow (battery) wires...

    Also, My Notebook HD to IDE converter came with an external plug and on the board it has a molex connector for the HD. It also has 2 USB Ports. But it has an external connector with 1 black wire 1 red and 1 yellow. Is that to hook up an external device like an LCD monitor or what? Do i have to hook the 2nd one up also?

    here is a pic of the wiring diagram:

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    The two black wires to ground, and the two yellow to the battery + (as the diagram says?)

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