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Thread: need the owner manual for opus 120 power suppy Help???

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    Has anyone got a link to the 120 Manual? I bought a 120 from mp3car and it has no manual. The opus website is not helpful.

    I'm having problems with the power on. I see the LED's on my keyboard blink when power is applied to the IGN line but the board will not powerup unless I short the power pins myself to get it going.

    Not sure if I'm missing a jumper setting or if this should work out of the box or maybe a bad Opus 120 (which I hope not).

    EDIT....Never mind. I think I got this figured out and the board is botting all the time now. I found this thread with the jumpers: OPUS 120 Jumper setting Question I added jumper 4 so now I have both jumper 4 and 5 installed giving me the 12V powerup. That seemed to do the trick on my MII12K. Still would like the manual for this thing though as there are other jumpers on the board that I have no idea what they are for.


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    This is the same one that comes with the PS.

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