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Thread: ??? Just a few questions ???

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    Question ??? Just a few questions ???

    Hi everyone,
    Im looking at buying the following:
    VIA MII-10000 LVDS MiniITX Motherboard
    256 or 512mb of RAM
    Creative sound card
    Slim line optical dirve (DVD)
    3.5" 160Gb Hard drive

    Off USB: 7" touchscreen

    My question is what power supply would be need to run this setup?

    Also what type of RAM would i need?

    Coudl i use my had unit to control the volume

    Please specify links.


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    question about power supply

    Here are some questions about poqer supply answered.

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    Start reading here:
    FAQ Emporium
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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