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Thread: Maxfarad caps. Amazing little things.

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    Maxfarad caps. Amazing little things.

    I found these caps at jaycar electronics (australia) they are Maxfarads
    One unit I have, is 55 Farads. Yes....55 farads!
    but the catch is its only 2.5 volts.

    they are used in memory back up in PC's

    but if you get four in series, you will cut by a quarter the capacitance, but multiply the voltage by 4. So four will give you a 10 volt, 13.75 farad cap.
    Or 5, will give you 12.5 volts, 11 farad cap. For reletively cheap!

    But, these caps have a lower conductive impedance then one would think, so they dont discharge ultra quickly, like low ESR caps. Rather, if you take one, and charge it up to 2.5 volts (takes several minutes at 3 amps!!) and short it, it will just discharge for while, at 12 amps or so, (just about melts its own leads off)

    Handy idea for a tank battery? Just an idea i thought id throw around, for discussion. Im not even going to try it. But I have charged one up to 2.5 volts exactly, and soldered a LED onto it, with a resistor to lock the current at 20ma at 2.5 volts. 2 hours later, it was still glowing, at 1.75 volts!

    amazing things, and they are only about 18mm round, and 40mm long!!
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    If it takes a long time to get energy into the cap, how do you expect to get energy out of it in the short burst needed to prop up the voltage during a crank?

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