I ran into a odd problem today. Yesterday I had my system installed and running using a laptop HDD and optical drive. Today I transplanted everything into a new larger case with desktop HDD and optical drive and the inverter was being overdrawn and wouldnt come on. So I disconnect both the drives with the same result. I'm running a 750W inverter and a Antec 330W ATX PSU. The PSU draws a max of 8A at 115V. In the past this PSU ran fine without any issues. I pulled out the 330W supply and put in a 120W generic supply and everything fired up fine. That is until I tried watching TV while installing software and using the GPS. Thats when the system shutdown. I unplugged the PC for a few seconds and plugged it back in and once again I was in business. I havent tried loading it up again but its working fine now. I just purchased a 150W supply tonight so that should give me the little bit of juice I need.