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Thread: carnetix 1290 + commell 671 weird supply probs - help !!!

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    carnetix 1290 + commell 671 weird supply probs - help !!!

    having some weird probs with a carnetix 1290 and a commel v671 board...

    basically i think its a hardware prob with the regulator since it makes an static type ticking noise.. does anyone else get this ?

    I have tested the current draw on my board setup,, 2.5 - 3A under load, and 1.8A idle, so i know the 1290 has enough power, however the 1290 is iratic at powering it at best, if i use the rear i/o 4 pin power connector the board will not power up full stop, not even via front power connector, if i meter test the socket it is receiving 12V from the 1290. if i connect the 1290 to the internal P4 style 12V in, the board will power up, but not consistenly.

    if i use the original mains - 12V adapter that came with the board, it all works fine via the external connector.. weird huh

    wait, it gets better, if i hook the acpi power switch up to the 1290, the 1290 CANNOT automatically power up the board, even though the cables test ok at the MB end !!!, but if i kill the ignition line into the 1290, it goes into shutdown mode, and boots the board up.

    i also have a opus which boots the commell v671 up ok and shuts it down fine, as with it original mains adapter, so the board doesnt seem to be the problem. i also have a morex 60W, if i hook the morex up to the 1290, it receives 12V but will not power up - the same as what happens to the 671 board.

    it like the carnetix 1290 is supplying 12V out, but not any current.

    has anyone else experienced strange probs like this ? i'm almost 100% certain its a hardware prob with the 1290 !!



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    oh one more thing,

    even though thid motherboard (v671) has an onboard DC-DC psu. i hotwired a morex 60W ATX psu to it, and it powers the board fine, however if i connect the 1290 in line with the morex, the morex 60W receives 12V from the 1290 but wont power the board !!!

    i also just read elsewhere that the 1290 is the first in the series with an onboard relay for compatibility with ALL motherboard ACPI power headers, so i shouldnt be getting problems with power up either !!

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    my supplier (linitx) has issued an RMA today on the unit, so thanks for the offer, but its allready been sent off, they are going to test / replace the unit.

    can i ask if the unit should make a repetative ticking noise, is that normal ?

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    No, it sounds like the ACPI relay is operating sporadically. Never heard that kind of noise before. Sorry for the problems.

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