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Thread: DC car adapters

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    DC car adapters

    Im trying to get my laptop to run from a dc car adapter. Ive tried two from best buy, the one with the largest output and the smallest made by targus. They both didnt work. My laptop says that its charging, but its not, it continues to lose power. I dont what the dealio is. Ive tried with and without the battery too.

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    you need to verify the car adapter meets the requirements for your laptop. look on the bottom of the laptop and it will give you input power requirements (i.e. 18.5v @ 3.5a) ... the volts need to be SPOT ON ... the output amps of the adapter needs to be equal to or above the required input amps of the laptop.

    My guess is your adapter's voltage is too low, so it's stealing current to get the volts up, causing the current too dip low to keep the thing charged.
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    Well I too thought that it might have to do with the amp output, the solution was something else. The universal targus adapters came with I think 5-6 tips, and one fit my laptop. I bought a master power adapter and there was 11 tips that came with it. 4 of the tips are all the same exact size speaking in diameter, 3 of the 4 plug in to my laptop properly and all showed that they were charging but 1 actually did charge it. They all look exactly the same but there something different about them, what I dont know. I highly recommend this adapter i bought not only is it cheaper than the targus adapter but it also came with an addtional 6 hour external battery! On a side note targus blows, I bought a targus mouse a while back and it broke in under two weeks, Ill never buy anything manufactued by targus again (universal my azz).

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    make sure you got the polarities right
    some adapters, the inner circle is positive and the outside is negative
    other ones are reversed..
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    read up on the product

    I have a Dell laptop, and started looking into DC-DC power. I was looking at Targus adapters, but they come with restrictions. All of the Targus adapters I have seen do not charge the battery, simply power the unit. Also, if your laptop requires more than 70W (like my P4 which requires 90W) you need to run your laptop in battery optimized mode. Targus DC-DC adapters are made to be extremely small and lightweight. They do not seem to be designed for power and durability. I have not decided which adapter to get, but currently looking into models by the company LIND.

    I hope i have been some help.

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