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Thread: wattage calculation confusion

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    wattage calculation confusion

    hi all,

    i'm trying to calculate the wattage of my laptop. i think i know how, but i'm still confused.

    the power adapter says:
    100v-240v ~ .95a-.55a
    15v ~ 3a

    using p=ie, does this mean that @ 100v, i am using 95 watts, @ 240v i'm using 132 watts, and @ 15v, i'm using 45 watts? that doesn't seem quite right to me. i thought that the power consumption would be constant regardless of the wattage.

    i just ordered a dc/dc power brick that plugs into my cig adapter. so does this mean that i'll be using half as much wattage compared to plugging it in at home?



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    i think the top set is the input and the bottom the output, over the variable input voltage there is a constant output wattage of 45watts.

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    I believe the bottom number is your laptop's power consumption.
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    thanks everyone!


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    yeah - AC adapters are usually VERY unefficient. Mine gets so hot that you can burn yourself on it.

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