I thought I would break up my questions from my original post and post them in the specific subforum so they may be more easily answered. So here is my original post for the info on my system: http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/show...d=1#post565089

Here is the case i'm getting http://www.pcalchemy.com/product_in...Name/htpc-cases
it comes with a 240w psu, would it provide enough power for the rest of my system which is:sempron 2300+, micro-atx mobo, 3.5 80GB hdd, external slim cd/dvd drive, and 512MB of ram.

http://carpc.kyferez.com/Products/products.php?id=3# this is the power inverter i'm getting.This should good enough for my setup.

I'll be using this to control the power when I turn my truck off: http://carpc.kyferez.com/Products/products.php?id=1 now there is a pro version of this, do you think I need that or should I just stick with this.

My final question is do you think I need a tank circuit or should I be fine?