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Thread: 300 Watt POwer inverter Question XBOX RELATED

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    300 Watt POwer inverter Question XBOX RELATED

    Hey every one i have a 300 watt invertor in my car i was thinking , Perhaps i could Ground the the wire to the body, then take the hot wire and run it to the direct to battery and i could have a switch drilled into my dash so i could controll the power from there instead of reaching under my seat to do it. And on the hot wire, run that new power switch aswell as a fuse on the wire even though the inverter already has one. Is it possible to have the xbox and my inverter all come one through one switch in my dash instead of having to switch my dash switch on and my xbox? I was wondering If i did the connect is it a good method and will my device connected to my invertor still stay on if i turn the car on and off, unlike the cigarette adapter switch. Any adivce would be great, if there a better way to do it so the inverter will constalnly remain on unless I turn if off plesae let me know.
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    ALso, I have a Pioneer TV(dash), 2 head rest Tv's, (Perhaps this inverter), I am getting a Tranny Cooler with the fan, and i have a remote start. Any electrical system Mods i should make to accomdate all of this. Is a Gel Battery (Optima) needed. I DO NOT HAVE ANY amps. ANY HELP Is welcomed thanks in advance.

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    It is possible, but probably not a good idea. Best thing to do would be to extend your xbox power button. And also, don't switch your "hot" use a relay instead. Switches don't have that high of a throughput. Also, maybe just extend your power switch that is already on the inverter.

    And finally, screw the inverter all together, and get a 90 watt dc to dc ps for your Xbox, and just use that instead.

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    If the inverter already has a switch than just take it apart and extend the wires to where you want and reuse or buy a different switch and wire it in.
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    porgieanne316@AOL.COM, please don't double post. and don't double post being obnoxious. thanks.

    look at this and tell me this isn't ridiculous. Inverter Question XBOX RELATED Help B4 I kill myself

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    I didn't want to do this, but I checked your profile porgieanne, and other memorable moments of yours include more double-posting, as well as posts such as "Help Help Help Help Help I Am An Idiot" and "Hey i am an ididot i was wondering if this can be added to my scree, prolly not huh.... "

    you wouldn't be proving that you're an idiot if you'd just put a little more effort into the common sense department.

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    hey guys if i get a shutdown controllor and a 400watt power invertor...can i just wire the invertor to my battery..then to the shutdown controllor which goes to my comp. then when i turn off my car i wont have to worry about the power invertor being on right? shouldnt drain the battery or anythin right


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    stop Double Posting FFS!

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