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Thread: Inverter Question XBOX RELATED Help B4 I kill myself

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    I already posted this like last week or something, you could have searched, if you write xbox in the search of this forum you get only a few threads so it wouldnt have took long to search...

    Llamma made a dc-dc power supply that turns on when you put the key in the accesory position and it stays powered while starting. Its expensive but its exactly what you want:

    Edit: btw this is the thread:
    Good News for xbox in car.

    I just searched and its the third one in the power supply section.

    Edit: If you didnt check the othe forum ; heres the link to the thread :

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    Guest what this kid did?
    Below is the email message he sent me.
    This is a message from Porgieanne316 at Forums ( ). The Forums 
    owners cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of the email.
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    OR, by email:
    This is the message:
    Don't be a dick...
    I removed his actual email address.
    I don't mind you post that on the forum but don't ******* email and attack me like that.
    I leave the email option as people do email and ask me question. If I get more of those, I just shutdown the option to email me.
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