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Thread: Is it safe to connect my inverter directly to the car power outlet?

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    Is it safe to connect my inverter directly to the car power outlet?

    Like the title says, is it safe for me to connect the power inverter to the car power outlet using the little "egg" that came with it? Should I add a fuse somewhere? My invert already has a built in fuse.

    On the same note, I'm gonna power my Xenarc screen off of an ITPS. Should I connect the ITPS to the main battery or just connect it to another wired-up "egg"?

    I've never installed any electrical system in a car before. Thanks for inputs.

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    Yeah, fusing is a good thing. Protect your stuff dude. Learn from my mistakes. If you don't see a fuse, then you might wanna fuse it. Don't skimp on cheap connectors, and don't use electrical tape, summer heat melts it off.
    I PERSONALLY would not use the outlet for my display, just for the sake of having it open and avialable for something else less important, like my electric shaver when I'm late for work... I would not pull power from from behind the outlet either. Chances are, it was designed to have a very small load on it (not that it couldn't supply enough power for your display) Go straight from the batery, get a distro block, fuse it, do it up right. Thats my 2 skents....
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    If you want to check how much load your cig lighter will take, find out which fuse in the car fuse box it runs through. If it is a 30amp fuse, then no problems. If it is only 15amp, then better off finding another connection.

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