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Thread: Powering An Fm Modulator of a PC PSU?

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    Powering An Fm Modulator of a PC PSU?

    Hi everyone-
    So I'm getting ready to do my carpc install, this afternoon i went out and bought an fm modulator so I wouldnt have to get a new head unit(not yet at least). I'm planning on using a tank circuit to power an inverter(400w, 800w peak) which will power my lilliput and the shuttle pc I'm hacking apart and using, so the power requirements should be much lower then the output of the inverter(right?) Well I was looking at my fm modulator and noticed it can be powered bya dc 4.5v input. My question- is it possible(and if so how exactly would i do it) to cut up a 4.5v connected that I have laying around and connect it to the psu of the pc? I wont be using all of the 200w psu that I'm sure, but I'm a novice when it comes to this stuff, my uncle is the real genius and he's mia. I just wanna know if it can be done. If it is I'de love to do it, since the modulator is powered by 2x AAA batteries, and I'll have to change them out and such, which sucks. And the reason i dont just hook up a power cable to the inverter is cause it only has 2 outputs (1 for the pc- 1 for the monitor.) But any other work around would be awesome. Thanks alot guys!


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    4.5v? you can just buy a regulator from radioshack. I know oone of them, i forget the model number has adjustable output. you might be safe poweing it from the 5v line of your psu. You can run it through a diode, which causes a voltage drop, getting you to around 4.5v.

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I just wanted to know if it was feasable. I'll have to stop at radioshack tonight or tomorrow and see what I can come up with. Thanks!


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    Most/all FM modulator that use for CD-changer are power by car ACC signal (12V+). The one you are talking about is probably power by 3AA battery?
    Hit ratsack or wally world for one of those selectable voltage regulator (cheap one).
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    LM317T. Read the datasheet before you go, you'll need some caps and resistors to make it work.

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