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Thread: Battery keeps dying !!!

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    Angry Battery keeps dying !!!


    Well here is my problem. I have my shuttle powered through my Xantrex 300w inverter. It has been working fine for about 2 or 3months without any problems. I also have my Xenarc powered through the same inverter so it is powered through the standard wall outlet plug also. I have a power switch wired to my dash. When i leave the car, i turn off the Comp with the switch and the xenarc then auto-offs. lately (for about 2-3 weeks), i have had the battery dying on me a few times when i leave it overnight. I always have the inverter on but the comp is always turned off when i leave the car. I have checked my connections to the inverter and everything is fine. The only thing i have noticed is that before, the Xenarc would display "power off" then turn off by itself, now, it does that about half of the time. It still looks like it turns off, but it just doesnt display power off. Could that be the problem? if so how do i fix it and if not, what could it be? Thanks.

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    It could be something as simple as a dying battery. I'm guessing that you drive a Mazda3 so your battery isin't old.

    My next question would be what are you running for audio? Is it stock? If not you could be overloading your alternator and not charging the battery enough when you drive. I'd hook up a volt meter to the car and drive around a bit to see what's going on.

    I'd also get rid of the inverter and get a proper 12V power supply. 12Vdc -> 120Vac -> 12Vdc never made sense to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mazda3uzr
    I always have the inverter on .

    Turn the 'king thing off.

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    i also have the same problem with my previous setup . it's turn out that the relay controlling the inverter is NUT ! it keep "on position" even after i turn off the ignition key .. check ur inverter wiring . maybe the wire is touching other wire ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    Turn the 'king thing off.

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    I'm using an inverter too and it sucked my battery even when I had everything else turned off. The inverter will continue to draw power as long as it is on.

    I placed a switch between the battery and my inverter, so that allows me to disconnect the inverter from the power source when not in use. Haven't had any battery drains since.

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    You could set up a second battery and a battery isolator to split the charge between the two batteries. That's my set up right now. The isolator gives the cranking battery priority and then charges my 2nd battery.

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    lmfao, you gotta turn the inverter off.
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    Did anyone say to turn off the inverter yet?

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